Herstory LLC

promotes a Tranquil Lifestyle.

We value ourselves in providing products for girls & women of all ages that serve as meditation tools. Through our brands,

The Extra-Ordinary Black Girl &

The Black Girl Planner, we inspire the use of writing as a meditation technique. 

The 1st Edition of The Black Girl Planner "Women Inspiring Planner" includes monthly affirmations along a monthly Bible Verse. The goal of a monthly affirmation versus daily is that it allows you to focus & give your words the power to manifest into reality. 


Each "Woman of the Month" is a prestigious black woman, most being the 1st Black woman of many within her respective field to achieve an accomplishment. She's partnered with a “Herstory” black woman in the same/similar field who overcame systematic racism and barriers.


As women, we forget an important factor in staying organized & it's self-care. So you're also given a monthly Self-Care Challenge to help you replenish your mind, body, & spirit.

Our upgraded, 2021 & Undated versions are Now Available for purchase. 


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